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At around 10 in the morning, I said goodbye to Uncle Shen and got on the train to Kuytun.

We gently rolled on, and the Gobi desert passed by the window:

train window

It felt weird to be there:


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A few hours later, I had arrived at my destination:


Kuytun. The place where I had many friends, and the place where my own stupidity had caused a disaster the last time I was here.

Lei Sheng picked me up from the station and took me to get something to eat. I was surprised to find out that Kvass, the drink that I had so much enjoyed in Russia, was a popular beverage over here too:


Then we went and saw the Caboose. She was in a storage room:

Caboose storage

Lei Sheng had been keeping her there for me. It was very moving for me to see her after all this time:


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And she looked like she was feeling the same:

the Caboose

To me, she looked like she wanted to be on the road.

Then some reporters showed up:


I was a bit reluctant at first, because I didn’t want to draw any attention to myself (not after what had happened last time), but they were very nice, so I just played along.

That night, we went out to dinner with some of the same people of two years ago. Friends. And we even went to the same place:

dinner with friends

Glasses were raised and toasts were given out, there was laughter in the air and the smell of good food. I had some pomegranate wine that was pretty tasty. And I think I more or less managed to hide my fear.

My fear of tomorrow. Of Usu, the place that was waiting for me out there.

  • Steven

    You got a new MarkIII….!
    and a new lens?


  • Neil Sandage

    The TV reporter is holding THREE reporting devices? Stereo microphones and some sort of digital recorder in her palm. Professional technique even though she is dresses like a student.

    It’s great that you ate at that same place. It has the most genuine old world feel.

    KBAC and Pomegranate Wine? Thank you for introducing them to me.


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