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We had spent the night in a small private home that was accustomed to taking in guests over night:

country home

Then we headed north, leaving the winding country roads and the green behind.

…diving head-first into the heat and into the dust.

The only thing interesting out there were some weird earth formations:


I figured some of them might have even been buildings once:

ruin in the desert

There was the occasional modern-day grave in the middle of it all:


Oh, and the road sucked big time, by the way:

bad road

50% was just a dirt track like in the picture above, and the other half was melted tar:


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Yes, melted.

It gave our tires and shoes a whole new look though – brand-spanking new!

There was supposed to be this rather large lake next to the road, but we never really got close enough to see it:


It was too hot to venture off the road anyhow.

We had lunch somewhere:


And then we turned heads.

Turned heads?

How do I explain this… both Shrek and Prince Charming will know what I’m talking about: people turn their heads to look at you, either because you’re so pretty (the prince) or because you’re so…special (the other one). Anyways, people will turn their heads to get a good look.

…and they will most likely forget about anything else that might be ahead:


“Something’s wrong with my vehicle!” the driver had said after almost crashing off the bridge.

Yeah right!

The only thing we didn’t know: were we Prince Charming or were we the other one?

group photo

The rest of the way was just some more melted tar:


When we finally came to a little settlement, we almost lost hope because it looked so deserted:


There were people though, and a friendly shopkeeper gave us some water and let us stay in his house:

dark room

Was this an indicator that we were indeed more like Prince Charming than we were like Shrek?

…but now I’ve come to notice a considerable amount of body fat visibly hanging out over my waist in the picture above…

Maybe we were both, one Prince Charming and one Shrek.

Robozwerg says:

“I think it was the hottest and darkest night I’ve ever had in my life.”

  • ggia

    I am reading all this interesting diary/project.

    Traveling in China is it expensive? For example how is the prices to rent a room or a hotel? Just curious, what is your daily budget?

    Keep walking ;-)..


  • andy

    Hey Chrischie, isn't worth, to have both of them inside yourself->
    Mr.Prince Shrek'n'charming?, you're the man!


  • konwuhzius

    … ich hätte jetzt gedacht, das wäre ein Bauchtasche, oder so etwas, Insgesamt aber eine kluge Sache, immer ein wenig Polster für schlechte Zeiten mit sich rumzuschleppen.


  • Christoph

    ggia: It always costs more than planned. The countryside is pretty affordable though. Hotels maybe cost 20 or 30 rmb, you can eat for 10. Cities are more a lot expensive.
    andy: I wanna be the antonio-banderas-cat – what's his name again?
    konwuhzius: hehe, der DRITTE ANTRIEB ! !


  • andy

    "Puss in Boots"-> der gestiefelte Kater ;o)) , wird 2022 sein eigenes Spinn-off bekommen mit: "Puss in Boots: The Story of an Ogre Killer"


  • andy

    nee, so'n Quatschh-voll vertippt-> 2011! (nicht 2022, Dösbaddel ich)


  • jule

    ei ei ei, bloß nicht prince charming….


  • Florian (Flo Li Anh)

    Nicht vergessen, dass Ihr Wanderer seid!!! Also: Nix mit rumgemeckere über die Straßenlage. Asphalt zählt doch eigentlich eh nicht…das ist doch was für Autos…


  • Christoph

    andy: Okay. Katze halt.
    jule: Magste nich?
    Florian (Flo Li Anh): Zählt nicht…?


  • jule

    ach nee, ich bin doch eher für das katerchen oder shrek! männer, deren größte sorge ist, dass die haare nicht sitzen könnten und nem taschenspiegel als treuester begleiter, sind dann doch nicht unbedingt mein fall (nett ausgedrückt)…. ๐Ÿ™‚


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