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There’s a park up here:

tourist cars on Gufengshan

They told me there was no road down the south flank of the mountain.

Who cares if they don’t have roads like THIS over there? thought I, expecting today’s distance really just to be a walk in the park.

When I got about halfway up, things changed though:


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Deep snow, and no roads.

deep snow

Well, this might look worse than it actually was.

I kept wondering to who those footsteps belonged:

way up the mountain

…and then I found out:

temple on Gufengshan

There’s a temple called Fayun Temple 法云寺 that’s been recently built up here.

No people around whatsoever though.


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At around noon I made it to the mountain top:

top of Gufengshan

Beautiful. I had a piece of chocolate and a sip of lemonade.

Then I started walking south, where there was no road:

looking down from Gufengshan

1500m on the top, 500m above sea level down there.

long way down from Gufengshan

Little did I know this would take me five hours:


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Slippery rocks were a problem.

view over Shanxi

But these scumbags were even worse:


Despicable foes of the wanderer!

When I finally made it to the foot of the mountain, there was a stone pit, and with it came wide, comfortable roads:

at the foot of Gufengshan

Now THAT put a smile on my face, I can tell you that.

The light was changing quickly though:

Gufengshan in the evening light

…as it was getting dark:

Gufengshan and tree

In the middle of nowhere, there was a sudden need for a solution.

I had carried this tent on my back for more than 1000km now, so now I figured I might as well use it:

first night out

Besides, I wanted to know whether or not I could seriously rely on this for a good night’s rest:


With absolutely nothing else to do, I rolled up in my sleeping bags and tried to make myself go to sleep.

I closed my eyes very early that night.

  • Anonymous

    ADD OIL!!!!
    i heard there's another strom coming~ not sure if it's on your way tho but becareful!


  • Corinna

    Hey sissy! — wir machen uns hier Sorgen um Dich da draussen im gewaltigsten chinesischen Schneesturm aller Zeiten (Bibi hat gestern angerufen und lässt schön grüßen) … und Du übernachtest im Zelt??!!??
    🙂 Gut, dass es Dir offenbar gut geht!! So eine Nacht in schneestiller Umgebung ist bestimmt eine ganz besondere Erfahrung 😉
    Liebe Grüße, C.


  • froggyfrog

    do you feel cold at night? Any heating equipment?


  • Christoph

    兔子不吃窝边草 in NY: Always adding oil – and always being careful! Dude, your team won, didn't it!
    Corinna: Keine sentimentale Erfahrung, sondern nur KALT.
    froggyfrog: No heating equipment. It got very cold from below, because my thermarest was too thin for this kind of temperatures.


  • Hailey

    wow, christoph! Such a beautiful night sky! And look at you, trekking across and sleeping in the mountains! By the way, I think it's cute that the little children there call you 'uncle.' Is that part of their culture?


  • Christoph

    Yes, you're right on that one. It's a form of courtesy here for children to call old farts like me 'uncle' – I find that really cute, too!


  • Joshua

    Wow adventurous snow climb!


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