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No people around:

hotel window on Gufengshan

I got up around noon and explored the skiing resort I was staying at.

For example, this is my hotel:

hotel on Gufengshan

Except for the service personnel, there seemed to be absolutely nobody here.

No tourists, no people skiing, no foreigners, no Chinese, niemand.

I walked over to the only restaurant up here:

restaurant on Gufengshan

Looks interesting, thought I – but wait till you see what’s on the inside:

inside the restaurant on Gufengshan

La classe! I found a free table, then I sat down and had a bowl of instant noodles and read a few pages in my book:

instant noodles

The waitress tells me that this place is sometimes really packed, especially on holidays, but now that it’s snowing so heavily, people are reluctant to drive up here.

No skiing when it’s snowing?

What a weird world.

Anyways it got kinda chilly (and boring) in that spacious restaurant after a while, so I moved back to my room and went through my latest cinematic catastrophes, all the while trying to remain close to the heater:


I’ve shown a picture just like this before, haven’t I? I think it was on December…

Anyways, time to get wrapped up in the sleeping bag again, I’ll get up for an early start to see what’s on top of the mountain tomorrow.

Good night.

  • Wanda

    I've been worried – glad to hear you survived 'hell'…and hoping your backside is warming up as well. Let's hope you have thermal underwear that you are bundling up with? I don't also suppose you have the butane handwarmer we gave you one year, do you? (Guess it should have been a butt-warmer!)


  • froggyfrog

    I guess it is e coldest winter in the past 20 years in China!!


  • Ananda_GUA

    Too cold,although in Guangton.
    It is raining everyday!


  • Christoph

    Wanda: Believe me I miss that handwarmer so much, especially on my night out camping!! A butt-warmer would be a nice invention, possibly worth millions?
    froggyfrog: It's pretty cold, yes.
    Ananda_GUA: Poor people in the South, with no heating! You better take good care of yourself, girl!


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