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You’ve probably guessed it:

Last night was pretty cold.

Getting into those frozen shoes, then packing up the tent and walking through the crackling snow… really not that nice.

Anyways I warmed up a bit after a distance, and at some point got to a small settlement next to the highway:


The kid in the middle had “movement” written on his sweater. With the masks and the somber expressions on the other people’s faces, I kinda liked that.

But what’s more important, this place was an opportunity to get FOOD:

restaurant kitchen in Shanxi

After cookies and lemonade for the last twenty four hours, I didn’t care much:


It just had to be food, and it had to be hot.

Maybe that was a mistake?

They had a plastic rocket in that little town by the highway:


I had something else going on in my bowels.

The highway just rushed by:

hat guy

…as I hurriedly made my way towards my destination.

Really I didn’t want to walk anymore.

There was something else on my mind:

poo dog

But I knew I had to get to my hotel asap – don’t wanna be stuck out there with a bad case of gippy tummy!


Eventually I made it to Linyi though.

I kept up the pace, shot a picture where I was trying to artistically express my criticism towards the massive littering in public places:

propaganda vs trash

When I got to the hotel, there was no haggling, I just accepted their rates and rushed up to my room.

I could hear them behind me: “At which school is he teaching English? ไป–ๅœจๅ“ชไธชๅญฆๆ กๆ•™่‹ฑ่ฏญ?”

But I had no time for explanations.

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