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I arrived at the weird thing today, but before that, I had to go to this place:


Hell 地狱.

Now that’s pretty neat, thought I, fearlessly opened the door and went in.

And on the inside, hell looked something like this:

Within Dongyue Temple

Interesting place. It’s behind a small prayer room in Dongyue Temple 东岳庙.

Judging from the amount of incense, this place seems rather highly visited:


Anyways as long as I was there, I was the only person visiting.

The main building in Dongyue Temple is this one:

main hall of Dongyue Temple

It’s originally from the Tang-dynasty but has been rebuilt during the Qing-dynasty.

I really liked the wooden structure, as I found it had a great sense of harmony to it:

roof in Dongyue Temple

Also, there were many small details that were very interesting to look at:

detail in Dongyue Temple

I found a lot of these little guys on every corner of the roof:

roof detail in Dongyue Temple

Now who does this remind you of?


Did anyone say Napoléon Bonaparte?

Well, I obviously don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, so maybe it’s time to get out of the confusing depths of Chinese (and French) history and dive into something that I should be more familiar with by now:

sign in the snow


Temperatures dropped considerably again today, making walking a really miserable sport.

I warmed up and had some noodles in a small restaurant:

food place near Gufengshan

It was when I sat down that I noticed a strangely familiar pain in my buttocks: remember when I showed you a picture of my red flaming butt: the happy and the burning red?

Well, here I am with the same old flame again, and now I know that it is because my butt doesn’t like subzero temperatures, and another thing I realize now is that the term “to freeze one’s ass off” really does make some sense.

Anyways, even though my butt hurts and I’ve been to hell this morning, but today was a very pleasing day nonetheless:

Gufengshan from the distance

This is it: Gufengshan, the weird thing on the map I’ve been so looking forward to set my foot on.

Three facts about Gufengshan:

1) Ever since last fall, this place has undergone massive changes in order to develop a major tourist destination:

gate to Gufengshan

2) There’s even a skiing resort on the north face of the mountain:

ski slope on Gufengshan

3) Gufengshan is a 1400m molehill that is said to have been a volcano once.

Check out the red banner in this video:


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“Welcome every leader to the scenic spot of Gufengshan” is what it says.

How did they know I was coming?

I am staying in a hotel that is attached to the skiing resort, not very far from the top of the mountain.

As of now, I don’t think I’ll continue walking tomorrow, I’ll stay here.

And wait for my butt to stop hurting.

  • David lee

    “How did they know I was coming?”, you really superised me, you have a very familiar chinese joke ability, How did you do that, I envy your language ability, 100%


  • Christoph

    Joke? What joke??


  • Shawshank

    I am not surprised that you knew that banner is not for you. I didn’t read your blog until recently and I am waiting for English version of The longest Way. A lot of Chinese people don’t like the Chinese version simply because a lot has been cut due to the policy of China。


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