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This post is about a 13km walk from Fangshunqiao to Wangdu. An immense fog has swallowed up the land, and I see a few accidents.

I could hardly see.

fog between fangshunqiao and wangdu

Everything was white, and it wasn’t snow.

the fog

Holding the land in its soft embrace, the fog brought destruction to the ones who drove haste-fully. I counted four massive accidents today. From what I could tell, there was a lot of physical damage, but nobody had been seriously hurt.

To me, though, the fog brought pure and absolute joy. It was as if very place…

trees in the fog between fangshunqiao and wangdu

…and every thing…

cars between fangshunqiao and wangdu

…got magically beautified.

people in the fog

Stumbling through that beautiful whiteness I accidentally ended up at the annual market of a small village.

Kongcun village

It was called Kongcun ๅญ”ๆ‘. When I got there, it struck me how virtually everyone seemed gifted with a certain amount of happiness. It was very charming.

Kongcun village between Fangshunqiao and Wangdu

A police officer gave me some tangerines to eat and a pat on the back. Some people cracked jokes about the size of my shoes.

One guy got his 1,6m buddy and asked him in front of everybody: “You and this foreigner – who’s taller, eh?” There was great laughter and hallo!

Some people even came up to me and wanted to have their picture taken.

village near Baoding

This was something new for me, because most people I had been photographing so far had been a bit reluctant.

I hope the villagers can all see their picture. ็œ‹ๅˆฐ่ฟ™ๅผ โ€œๅญ”ๆ‘ๅˆๅฝฑโ€่ฎฉๆˆ‘ๅฟƒ้‡Œ้ซ˜ๅ…ด๏ผ

Nice people, nice place.

kids and trash

When I got to the end of the village, there was a recycle yard. There were car wrecks. There was trash. And there was debris everywhere. But the fog was covering it all up.

While I was just standing around there, someone got a little friend and made him pose for the camera.

little friend near Baoding

He was a little bit shy, so we gave him a bigger kid as back-up.

children near Baoding

I love both the kids’ expressions on this picture.

The little one looks kind of like me on my baby photographs. He seems to be trying to maintain his physical balance while also trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

The big one reminds me of myself when I was his age and looking cool (both posture and face) started becoming a serious issue.

the cabbage

There doesn’t seem to be much color in any of these pictures, huh? This was because the fog never cleared up. It was only in the evening as I reached a bigger settlement that I would see colors again.

See?ย I walked pastย cabbage mountain today!

the cabbage mountain

And it was mighty green.

I hope I was right, and nobody died or got seriously injured during my walk from Fangshunqiao to Wangdu today.

Wish them luck.

  • kati

    4th picture is so like CD cover of take that ''patience'' see here


  • Christoph

    haha, that gives me an excellent idea – Take That will be tomorrow's soundtrack alright!


  • Rindy

    ๆˆ‘ๅœจ่€ƒ่™‘่ƒŒๅŒ…ๆŽงๅˆถๅœจ15KGไปฅๅ†…,้‚ฃๆ ท่ตฐ่ตทๆฅไผš่ฝปๆพๅพˆๅคš


  • Rindy

    haha, it's TAKE THAT


  • Christoph

    Was Take That big in China, too?


  • Jesse

    I didn’t have the guts to walk across China ๐Ÿ™

    But there were a lot of roadtrips from Beijing to Shanxi and Shaanxi (not typo, just crazy Chinese names) back in the 2000s, and one of my most vivid memories of those roadtrips is all the crazy accidents on the highway. Especially those big commercial trucks.

    On a rainy or foggy or snowy (the 2003 snowstorm was the worst) day, you just know you will see crashes along the road. Traffic will slow down, and sometimes you see the flashing police lights, and then you just slowly drive past this gigantic pile of distorted metal that’s been pushed to the side of the road.

    There were a lot of those.

    Chinese highways back in those good old days…definitely different from the Autobahn.


  • Ruli Sastra

    Hi! I’m from Indonesia. I just found out about you from Youtube. I was curious and decided to read your post from the very begining. So far, I haven’t be able to stop and it’s 12.58 am. I just want to say: you are a funny man! :)). I love how you put them into words. And great photos! You’re so talented.

    p.s. you should visit Indonesia someday. A great and culture-rich country.


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