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This post is about a 22km walk from Ludwigshafen to Worms. We walk along the BASF chemical plant for a long time.

Walking out of Ludwigshafen felt a bit weird. Everything was either made of asphalt or concrete, the residential buildings seemed to be mostly prefab, and there were flyovers everywhere. At least some of the space under them had been greened.

getting lost in Ludwigshafen

The weirdo and I got lost a few times until we finally reached the BASF plant. It was more than five kilometers long. The map showed that there were streets running through it that had awesome names like lead street orย chlorine street. I would have liked to take a lunch break in styrol street. Or have some tea in indigo street. But of course the plant was off limits to us.

So we walked along it for an hour or so. One time I took a photo of a gate and a security guard came out and asked me why I had taken a photo of the gate. I told him I had taken a photo of the gate because I was a tourist. He stared at us suspiciously, then he walked back to his car. It reminded me of an encounter with a security guard at a mine in Serbia.

to dragons

And then we were out. We had lunch in a bakery just outside of the city. The owners were originally from Iraq, and they insisted on treating us to a veggie bowl. It felt good to be there, sitting in the sun outside of the bakery, looking into the smiling faces of the owners, enjoying our veggie bowl, leaving the industrial environment of Ludwigshafen behind.

We walked along the Rhine for the rest of the day. The river led us almost all the way to the city of Worms, and when we got there, we saw a sculpture of a dragon on the sidewalk. Worms was the city of the Nibelung, and the Nibelung was about slaying dragons.

A fine place to rest a few days, we thought.


the walk from Ludwigshafen to Worms:

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