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I had been waiting just about long enough, when suddenly some dudes showed up outside:

These 4x4 teamsters from Hong Kong gave me a t-shirt and lots of energy drinks

They had two massive 4x4s, and they were going to drive from Hong Kong to the UK within a month’s time or so:

4x4 dude

Very cool guys.

But it wasn’t them I had been waiting for.

Then, at 9pm, at the train station:

after a plane ride to Beijing and a train ride to Jiayuguan

Zwerg, Zwergie, Robozwerg, Kampfzwerg, Zwergonaut, Rubi, Rubi-Azubi, Rubsi, …:

the Robo

So many names for my one and only dearest brother Ruben.

I was so happy!

Robozwerg says:

“When I was standing at the train station in Jiayuguan waiting for Chris he came 15 minutes late. Still the same ol’ guy!

Additional note: MacGyver is probably the most boring TV-series of all time!”

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