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This post is about a 23km walk from Suben to Katzenberg. I walk into a prison yard and end up in a bivouac next to the river.

The lawn of the restaurant where I had pitched my tent had presented me with one problem: a robotic lawn mower. I thought about it for a while, then I placed my tripod, the spare wheel, an array of bottles and thermoses that I had in a perimeter around my tent to create a secure space. I went to sleep hoping for the best.

In the morning I took a photo with my enemy and walked on.

why is it this way?

I ended up walking directly into a prison. It wasn’t my fault. As I approached the village of Suben, I noticed that it nice church tower, so I decided to go check it out.

As it turned out, the premises including the church used to belong to an abbey, which was converted into a prison more than 150 years earlier.

People could still visit the rococo church (which, just like Engelszell had piles of bones on display in sarcophagi), but they needed to walk through the prison yard for that.

It seemed odd but I liked it.

bird watching, again

I walked for a long time after this, and several times I was held up by rain. One time I hid under a bridge, another time I found shelter in an abbey.

It was already past sunset when I finally reached a campground. I took a look around and hated it. The place seemed messy and the grass was too long. Somehow there was water coming out of the sanitary facilities. I decided to continue walking.

In the end I took shelter under a bird watching platform, just like I had with Brad two months before when we were walking through Slovakia.

I didn’t dare pitch the tent this time, though. The laws on wild camping were severe in Austria, especially when it came to nature preserves. So I used my bivouac sack, hoping that it wouldn’t rain at night. Or at least not rain too hard.


the walk from Suben to Katzenberg:

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