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This post is about an 18km walk from Feldkirchen to Mühl. My friend Mario from Linz accompanies me as I walk from campground to campground.

I woke up feeling out of place.

Again, I had spent the night at a campground, but this time it was a large place that seemed to cater mostly to perma-campers. There were caravans with huge tents attached to them, there were caravans that didn’t seem to have any wheels, and there were actual fucking houses with little gardens around them. When I went to brush my teeth, I saw a woman cut the shrubbery around her camper with an electric tool.

The only good thing was that the campground had a cat.

out with Mario

About an hour later I met up with Mario, my friend from Linz, again. It was Saturday, and he wanted to accompany me for the day. We walked through some villages until we crossed the Danube again. There was a huge supermarket with an overhanging roof where we bought some supplies, and then, because there seemed to be a thunderstorm brewing in the distance, we spent two hours sitting under there the roof, having snacks, watching grocery shoppers, waiting for the dark clouds to pass.

That’s all we did: we waited.

article guys

A bit later, when we were walking again, a cyclist recognized us on the road. And I’m saying us, not just me. Both Mario and I had been featured in a newspaper article a few days earlier. Something along the lines of: man walks 16,000 km from China to Austria and goes to see a punk rock show with his friend.

When we got to the next campground, the owner told us that the thunderstorm we had been waiting out had been severe. “We were completely under water,” he said, shaking his head. It was still raining, so I was very happy when he told me that I could put up my tent next to a bike rack in his garage.


the walk from Feldkirchen to Mühl:

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