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This post is about two days in a wood house in Gabcikovo. We wait out torrential rains, and we try Kofola.

We stayed in our wood house for two and a half days. Meanwhile, it rained almost constantly.

holed up

The town with its supermarkets was a few kilometers away, but we got lucky: right after we arrived a friendly lady offered to give us a ride.

Having a kitchen, we decided to buy a bunch of groceries: salads, mushrooms, pasta, granola, soy milk, etc. We also grabbed some Slovakian vodka for testing purposes, then we went back and holed up inside.

Outside of our wood house the rain kept intensifying. It got to a point where the restaurant next door had to use a pump to drain the parking lot. It didn’t bother us, though: we were safely inside, having tons of food, taking foot baths, watching 90 Day Fiancรฉ.

We both thought Jesse from Amsterdam was a gaslighting clown.

the drink

The only time we would venture outside was when one of us would g and get two cups of Kofola. They had it on tap in the restaurant next door. Kofola was a soft drink that seemed to be wildly popular in Slovakia. It tasted a bit like coke or pepsi, just a bit less sweet than one might expect. I liked it, but it didn’t make it into my top five.

The top five were: Dr. Pepper, Zamzam Cola, Royal Crown Cola, Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola.

In that order.


two days in a wood house in Gabcikovo:

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