how we didn’t fuck up

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This post is about an 8km walk from Sap to Gabcikovo. We start walking early in the morning, and we make it to our destination.

The night had been surprisingly good. Fearing the rain, we had set our alarm to five in the morning, and for some reason we managed to not fuck up, but get up and pack all of our things by six.

ponchos ftw

That was when the first drops of rain started falling. We put on our ponchos and got going. It felt like walking through an imaginary England. Or Scotland. Or wherever it was constantly green and grey and rainy.

There were a few hotels in the next little town called Gabcikovo. They were in close proximity to some restaurants and – more importantly – to some grocery stores, but they had very mixed reviews online. There were also a few wooden cabins a bit outside of town, close to a hydrogen power plant and a road and not much else. The cabins were a bit cheaper.

a good decision

When we arrived at the cabins it was still early, and the rain was still light. We sat down under an overhanging roof, having the rest of our tea, enjoying the fact that we hadn’t fucked up this time.

The staff arrived at about ten, and when they gave us the keys and showed us our cabin, we were even happier: our cabin had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. It was going to rain hard for two or three days, and we would be very comfortable.

We hadn’t fucked up.


the walk from Sap to Gabcikovo:

  • mateo

    I looooooove the series of photos of different landscapes with tiny Chris in the distance sternly sitting on his camping chair.


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