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This post is about a 24km walk from Iuriu de Câmpie to Dezmir. I reach the outskirts of Cluj and sleep in a tiny house.

It had rained hard during the night. When I got up and opened the door, there was a myst in the air. I could see a cloud crawl over the hilltops in the distance.

the mud

Pedro came and said some things that I did not understand. His facial expression seemed to suggest that they were good things,  so I smiled and gave a thumbs up. Then he waved goodbye and trotted off.

I went to the barn, surprised the pig that was sleeping in the barn, got the Caboose, and loaded her up. Then I trampled through the mud until I was back on the road. I took a breath of relief and marvelled at my luck: those dirt paths through the fields would’ve been impossible to do today.

I was glad to be back on the asphalt. The weather forecast saw another thunderstorm coming my way. I decided to wing it and walk as far as I could before it hit.

back in town

There was an uphill, then a holiday resort village called Cojocna, and then another uphill. I hit the main road to Cluj at about five in the afternoon. At this point the clouds had pulled themselves together and decided to become a full-blown thunderstorm after all. I made my way down the busy road, along a never-ending stream of cars and trucks, under an increasingly dark sky, wondering where I should spend the night.

The first guest house on the map didn’t exist anymore. The second one was fully booked. The third one was booked as well. I looked back at the map. TINY HOUSE it said in a place about three kilometers from me, and when I clicked on it, the price seemed okay.


walk from Iuriu de Câmpie to Dezmir

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