how am I supposed to get up?

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This post is about a windy day in Büyükcekmece. I wake up late in a dark room, then I go to a café and stay there for the rest of the day.

I had stayed up late doing my laundry. The rule of changing my socks daily was still intact, so there was a lot of washing to do. Washing by hand was boring as hell, so I put my phone next to the sink and played The Office while I was kneading and wringing my clothes in the water. Once I was done I hung them all over the room.


When I woke up I noticed that the air in my room felt dank. Also, it was almost completely dark. I looked at my watch: eight in the morning. Why was there no light? How was I supposed to get up like this? I went back to sleep.

It took two more hours and a brave pull at the curtains to unveil the mystery: there was a building right outside of my window. It stood there at arm’s length, blocking all the light.

I decided to go outside and take a look at what was there, behind the building.


The town of Büyükcekmece belonged to Istanbul, but luckily it felt more like Sile than Avcilar. It was a resort town on the Marmara coast, and it even had a sign with its name and a heart next to it. It was a very long sign.

When I went to look at the sea the wind was strong and the waves were rough. There was construction everywhere. I chatted with some high school students and with a photography enthusiast. The students were happy because they had the day off. The photography enthusiast was happy because he had taken a picture of a seagull right in front of the setting sun.

I took a self portrait with the wind, then I grabbed my computer and went to a café. They had menemen there, which was good. Menemen is the single best thing about Turkish breakfast (along with kuymak, if you’re lucky). But it’s also a dish that you can enjoy during the rest of a slow day.



hand washing in a sink

Dark hotel room:

dark hotel room

Trash recycler in Büyükcekmece:

trash recycler in Büyükcekmece

Büyükcekmece (heart) sign:

Büyükcekmece (heart) sign

Windy day in Büyükcekmece:

Windy day in Büyükcekmece

High school students enjoying an afternoon off on the coast:

high school students enjoying a windy day in Büyükcekmece

Photography enthusiast on the coast:

photography enthusiast in Büyükcekmece

Dish of (okayish) menemen in a café:

dish of menemen in a café in Büyükcekmece

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