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I was staying in a guesthouse that was nice and warm and very close to the cathedral, and it was even supposed to have a view. Only not so much from my room:

view from my window

Outside, it was raining in a determined way:

rain in Mtskheta

So I stayed in my room most of the day, and only one time in the afternoon I walked the few steps over to the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral:

outside of Mtskheta Cathedral

Only this time I went in:

inside Mtskheta Cathedral

And yes, it was massive:

ceiling of Mtskheta Cathedral

In fact it was so big it even had a mock basilica inside:

detail in Mtskheta Cathedral

There were icons everywhere:

icon in Mtskheta Cathedral

And there was some sort of service going on:

ritual in Mtskheta Cathedral

People were singing (or showing each other what to sing):

candles and songs

And there was the structure under which the robe of Christ had supposedly been buried:

light in Mtskheta Cathedral

When I went back to my guesthouse, the owner told me to follow him upstairs.

“And don’t forget to bring your camera!” he added.

He was right:

Mtskheta Cathedral at night

There was a view.

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