light up the stage and wax a chump like a candle

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I wasn’t going to do anything today. I was going to rest and rest and rest, and do nothing. That was my plan.

But then I figured I should go out and buy a local sim-card. So I did that, and I added it to the others:

sim cards

Then I thought of my shoes, and how I should wax them. They needed some time to dry, so I figured I should wax them as soon as possible and leave them outside during the next few days.

So I did that:

shoe shine time

And then, when I was done with that, I looked at the Caboose, who had gone through the ordeal at the border the day before, and I thought I should clean her up a bit and sort out the stuff she was carrying.

So I did that:

sorting the Caboose

And then the day was over.

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