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When I left my hotel this morning and the owner asked for a photo of us together, I decided to post it along with all other photos I was going to take with people along the way:

selfie number 1

But first it was just easy walking through the quiet parts of Sari:

gentleman on chair

Here’s selfie number 2 with two dudes under some trees:

selfie number 2

And here’s the road that I took through the villages:

road through the villages

It was very peaceful and quiet. I listened to my own footsteps on the ground and looked at the buildings left and right that housed people whom I would never get to meet:

countryside buildings

Well, I met some of them:

dudes and little girl

Then I got on a dusty path next to a body of water:

reservoir path

“The Caspian Sea!” said the Caboose. But I knew it was just a reservoir:


And here’s selfie number 3:

selfie number 3

And selfie number 4:

selfie number 4

I found a nice resting place under some trees, I think they were orange trees:


And they were full of snails:


Some of those snails seemed to be quite adventurous:

adventurous snail

Selfie number 5:

selfie number 5

And then, when I reached Juybar, there was a disappointing sight that was sadly all too common on my way:

trash near Juybar

I had kebab that night in a famous kebab restaurant called Zacharia’s:

Kebab restaurant in Juybar

I’m not a big fan of kebab. But it was awesome.

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  • Michael

    Amazing journey my friend. I hope to someday explore the world as you have, and to sit down and have some tea with you!


  • امید

    Oh man you came nearly close to our house and we missed you , just f 300 meters from where you ate that yummy kebab, you remind me of Peter weir’s ” THE WAY bACK ” GREAT JOB


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