Iranians love chandeliers

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I felt like moving, but just within the city. I didn’t want to leave Sari, and neither did I want to leave my friends. However, I felt like it was time I gave them and me some space and stopped my occupation of their living room.

So I packed up the Caboose and stepped out on the street. It was going to be one of my shortest walks ever: one or two kilometers.

The city reminded me vaguely of Paris:

street in Sari

I think it was the white facades and the restaurants, cafรฉs, and shops that opened onto the pavement.

Ironically enough, I managed to get lost on this tiny little walking day.

Walked past a playground:

playground in Sari

Bought a bunch of apricots and apples in this fruit store:

fruit store in Sari

And then I noticed something that symbolized a part of Iran that had always baffled me:

chandelier store in Sari

A store that carried almost nothing but… chandeliers:

abundance of chandeliers

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think the people of Iran have somehow fallen in love with chandeliers. There are just too many.

Okay, not all houses and apartments that I’ve been to in Iran had a chandelier. But many of them did, maybe even most of them. And sometimes they even had a bunch of chandeliers. Big, fat, blingy chandeliers.

Oh, and I ran into this dude outside of a sport good store:

masked dude

Good times.

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  • Paul Mateescu

    Thanks for sharing your very cool experience, Chris. Don’t stop!


  • Danial

    Hey Chris
    How are u doing?
    Its too bad you do not come to Isfahan because I’m living there. By the way I would love to help you if need it. Just send me an email.
    Have a Good day


  • Meagan

    Favorite quote of the day: โ€œit heats your ballsโ€ ? ? Also, I am sure there are more than โ€œa few peopleโ€ that are following along with you on your journey! I know more than a handful, myself, and thatโ€™s only here in Wichita! Youโ€™re kinda wonderful, after all โ˜บ๏ธ


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