between wheat and rice

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I haven’t shown you Hotel Ghaboos, yet. Well, here it is:

hotel Ghaboos

Hotel Ghaboos right behind the Caboose.

Gonbad bid farewell to me with a strange statue of a Dalmatian dog:

dalmatian statue

Then I was on the road:

leaving Gonbad

I left the main road after a few kilometers of noise and bad air, which was when I took a narrow dusty path that went through the fields:

in a wheat field

Sometimes I saw buildings next to it, but that did not happen very often:

old factory

There were mostly just wheat fields:

beaten field

And rice fields:

rice field

One time I noticed a strange house on a hill, but when I approached it I heard a mean-sounding dog, so I quickly went back on my way:

house on a hill

I came through a village once, which was where I saw heart-boy…

heart kid

…and these two little ones:

little girls

And because the way today was going to be very short, and because the sky looked so dramatic, I walked slowly, taking my time, and I stopped often to do some time-lapse photography.

I was glad I was not on the highway:


My little dirt track led me right into Azadshar, the town where I wanted to go:

dirt track to Azadshar

And when I arrived, I was greeted by this committee of honorable gentlemen:

dudes in Azadshar

I walked until it was dark:

road in Azadshar

And then I found the hotel:

hotel Ajam

Daily video:

360 degree video:

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