please tell me it used to be all blue!

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A friend had told me about a village called Radkan northwest of Chenaran. It had an ancient tower and an eco-lodge where I would be able to stay. I decided to walk there, but not on the main highway. Instead, I was going to try to find a way through the countryside. I wasn’t sure if there was one.

The town was still very quiet when I left:

only god

I reached the village road after a while, and it got even more quiet:

village road near Chenaran

At some point I saw a wooden stick on the ground. It looked like one of the sticks the shepherds used to lean on and discipline their sheep. I liked the stick, so I picked it up:

my stick

Maybe it would be helpful one day?

I took a lunch break with the leftovers from the day before:

lunch break

Then a dog came. He was pretty big, but he wasn’t mean at all. Just hungry:

hungry dog

I gave him some bread.

One thing I found rather confusing in this area was the fact that some of the buildings looked like they might have been ancient ruins:

ancient ruins?

Or maybe they were just poorly constructed.

It turned out that there was a way to Radkan. At some point I was able to spot the tower in the distance:

Radkan Mil from afar

It was a nice tower:

Radkan Mil

People had apparently been wondering about the ancient use of the tower for a long time, until an astronomer told them that it had probably been used for astronomy – that was what the holes were for:

inside Radkan Mil

I loved how parts of the tower were still blue, and I wondered if he had ever been completely blue.

blue parts of Radkan Mil

Imagine what it must have looked like!

The rest of the way to the village of Radkan was easy. An afternoon stroll through the valley, with mountains on both sides:


And the occasional sheep:


(Or the goddamned cutest lamb ever.)

When I arrived at the eco-lodge, I was blown away. I will show you pictures tomorrow, for now maybe a picture of my dinner will suffice:

dinner in Radkan

This had been one of the most pleasant walking days ever.

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Try watching the 360 degree video on a smartphone. It’s pretty neat.

  • max

    that lamb… should actually be a goat! i just realised that the english term for baby goat is “kid”, plural “kids”, which is nice, right? like german “Kitz” and small child at the same time…
    so but i also do have my difficulties distinguishing goats and sheep sometime, especially when they do not look like the “normal” breeds we know in germany. i learned that a sure sign that the animal in front of you is a goat is when it lifts it’s tail just like the small one does in your photo. sheep can’t do that!

    I’am happy for you being back in Iran and walking, “Alles Gute!”


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