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I woke up with a Eurythmics song stuck in my head. There are definitely worse ear worms to have.

Sweet Dreams.
So I went about doing my laundry, humming:


Are Made Of This.
Then I went out and marvelled at the empty city, humming:

empty Chenaran

Who Am I.
Bought some bread, humming:

baker in Chenaran

To Disagree.
Got two tomatoes, two cucumbers, and five apples, humming:

fruit shop in Chenaran

I travel the world.
Bought some pastries, humming:

pastry shop in Chenaran

And The seven seas.


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  • Victor E

    A fly swatter, my dogs ? tend to run and hide when I pick up a fly swatter. I think they do not like the sound of a fly getting swatted.


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