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The night had been a bit bright with the lights of the mosque, and it had been a bit noisy with the people who came to rest, drink some water, or wash their hands from time to time.

But it was okay.

I left early in the morning:

Imam Reza mosque during the day

Saw a shepherd:


Saw a truck:

truck in Iran

Many of the trucks here have this thing on top of them, like a horizontal board that makes them appear taller. I have no idea why.

I had failed to charge my batteries, so I got out the solar charger:

Caboose being the Caboose


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At one point we passed a gravel pit of sorts:

gravel pit

At least that’s what I thought it was. The smoke it belched out had an almost suffocating quality to it.

The road went over rolling hills:

road down the mountains

And sometimes, when there were twists and turns, I saw signs alerting me to the danger:


Still there were all these abandoned buildings next to the road:

abandoned building

And still there were stray dogs going through the trash here and there:

stray dog in the trash

I walked until sundown:

road to Shurak Maleki

Birds were moving to a new home:


Winter was coming.

Then I reached the village of Shurak Maleki. It was just a few buildings on the hillside at first:

reaching Shurak Maleki

A bunch of kids appeared:

kids in Shurak Maleki

Painted walls:

wall in Shurak Maleki

The gentleman in the middle asked me where I was going:

friendly mechanic in Shurak Maleki

Then he took me to a large madrasa:

madrasa in Shurak Maleki

It was a sunni madrasa:

in front of the madrasa

120 students and their teachers. Some of them were in the process of memorizing the Quran in it’s entirety. The looked at the Caboose and me coming in from outside, and they took us in without any questions asked:

the madrasa guys

After having dinner together we went for a walk around the madrasa. There were the bath houses:

bath house of the madrasa

A dude was getting his hair cut:

barber in the madrasa

There was the kitchen next to the dome:

dome of the madrasa

Another dude was washing dishes:

washing dishes in the madrasa

There were the classrooms:

slippers outside of the madrasa

Little dudes were studying things I didn’t understand:

student in the madrasa

The guys and me took some selfies together:

me and the guys

Actually we took A LOT of selfies:

stinking the place up

They took me to the part of the madrasa where the mosque was:

in the mosque of the madrasa

It’s where they came to study and talk:

reading in the mosque

Then I collapsed on the bed they had given me:

my bed in the madrasa

We were three in the room.

None of them snored.

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