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I changed the tyre, but something seemed a bit off with it, so I decided to take it to a bike shop. It was going to be my first car ride in Iran:

taxi ride in Sarakhs

The bike shop was right next to the place where I had bought my sim-card. I decided to go there first and get the biggest gigabyte thingie that they had.

phone shop in Sarakhs

It was yuge. I’m not going to tell you how yuge. I’m the most humble guy you will ever know, so I really don’t want to brag. Just believe me that it was yuge. You wouldn’t believe it! Just like my BIGLY hands. And my words. I went to the best schools, and I have the best words. The BIGLIEST! Yuge!

Anyway, the bike shop was almost right next door:

bike shop in Sarakhs

So I hung out there for a while, talking to the guys, looking at the shop:

inside the bike shop

And when my tyre was fixed and we had figured out where I was from and what I was doing with the tyre, we decided that we were friends:

bike shop dudes

They insisted on doing the repair job for free, and one of them even took me around town on his motorcycle to look for some tools that I needed further down the road.

It was a scary ride on that motorcycle, I can tell you that.

I decided to celebrate with a drink that sort of looked like beer:

stuff that looks like beer but isnโ€™t beer

But of course it wasn’t beer.

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