With The Iron Fist Of Tyranny

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I stayed in today. Edited some photos and some videos. The Turkmenistan footage seemed like a mountain in front of me, and I was only slowly digging my way through.

Also, I had acquired a bottle of Zamzam cola:

Zamzam Cola

Now those of you who’ve been with me long enough know that I love the Uyghur brand Zamzam cola that they have in Xinjiang. Loved it nine years ago. Loved it five years ago.

And this one, albeit being a totally different brand, was pretty good as well.

I had some Mazmaz potato chips with my Zamzam cola (which seemed only logical):

Maz Maz chips

Then I went outside to discover that the Caboose had a flat tyre:

flat tyre

Why not, I thought, better here than in the desert.

Why the hell not.

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