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Loaded up the Caboose in the morning, and she was ready to go:

I had added some reflective tape for extra visibility in the dark:

And then we were on our way. Finally. After more than three months!

Samarkand was looking her finest:

We walked past traffic:

And more traffic:

One time there was an empty waterpark:

And one time I noticed a drain that was apparently made in China:

There was a military base where I was careful not to take any pictures, and then I was out on the open road:

I had lunch in a little restaurant:

Then I continued on my way.

I had never seen Uzbekistan this green before:

The tarmac was alright most of the way, with only the shoulder being a bit dusty:

Even the roads into the little villages seemed okay:

Made another Let’s Walk video:


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And even though I was tired and not used to walking anymore, it was still enjoyable:

Mainly because everything was so green:

I walked until sunset, trying to reach the town of Juma:

There was supposed to be a hotel there:

So I kept pressing on:

When I got to Juma, it was already dark:

And there was no hotel.