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Feeling that my work was done, I sat down in the warm morning sun and read some Eco:

All was well in Samarkand.

But when I went to check on the Caboose, I discovered something terrible:

The paint was no good.

Fuck, I thought. Fuggidifuckfuckfuck.

I went and bought a scraper:

Samarkand was looking extra beautiful…


But that didn’t help.

I sat down and scraped:

But as easy as the paint would come off under a fingernail, it was almost impossible to scrape clean. It was frustrating.

It was in this miserable situation that Olim found me. Olim was the owner of Emir B&B, the place where I was staying.

“Why don’t we just use the plastic foil that you got there?” he asked.

So we went to work, starting on the inside:

It didn’t look pretty, but at least it seemed to stick:

Then we did the outside:

When it was all done, the Caboose was all wrapped up like a Christmas present, and Olim and I were both very tired:

Tired but happy.

Thank you, Olim!

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