Zafar The Great

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Polished my shoes to achieve better water resistance:

Then I went to a small local bazaar…

…and came out with wads of cash. If you know what I mean.

Then I hopped in a cab and went back to the sporting goods shop where they had repaired my spare wheel. In the process of repairing the Caboose, we had noticed that one of the wheels was still faulty, so I asked them to fix the ball bearings on this one:

When that was done, everything was done, and the Caboose was ready to go.

I walked past a beautiful car:

I don’t care about cars, but I liked this one:

And because I was in this part of town anyway, I went and paid the dudes at the auto body shop a visit:

I was very optimistic about the Caboose’s current post-makeover condition. So I asked Zafar, who had repaired her, to pose for an individual shot:

Behold Zafar The Great, enhancer of Cabooses:

A lot of people here use Telegram rather than Whatsapp. So I promised to send him the pictures via Telegram.

Then I went and had some more pahlavar:

I was ready to leave Tashkent.

But was I really ready?

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