the red bell and the blue bell

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I wasn’t quite ready to leave yet.

Not without a Santa hat.

So I went to a bazaar around the corner from my hotel, which was where I bumped into the next president of the United States of America:

…but it turned out to be just a wealthy chicken.

I left the president/chicken and proceeded to buy a Santa hat (two actually). And because it was too small (or maybe my head was just too big), I went to a tailor shop and had it fit:

Everyone thought I was very goofy, which was fair enough.

I then realized that I needed new elastic straps to fix my backpack on top of the Caboose. So I asked around at the bazaar:

But no one had them.

Hm, I thought.

Then I went to a car bazaar:

I was hoping to find them there:

But no:

I found a bunch of German-looking things:

And a bunch of shiny things:

In the end I took home two elastic straps that weren’t quite what I was looking for. They seemed a bit too short, but I really didn’t want to look around anymore.

I wanted to go back to the newly remodeled Caboose and decorate her with a little red bell I had bought:

And with a blue bell:

And with a Santa:

When I went back out again I noticed this poster:

Angry Santa! I thought, have you come to take care of that fucking chicken for us?

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