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Every day feels the same.

I get up. I buy two yoghurts and a bottle of water. I go to my therapy. I find something to eat. I write, sort pictures, do things, meet up withย friends. Then I go and find more things to eat.

Like an amoeba.

It’s not like all of this is bad in any way. It’s just that every day feels the same.

Although the more I think about it, the more this seems to be untrue.

For example: today was different from yesterday, because today I went and took the metro. I had never done that before:

Abay station

People here tell me that the construction of this metro (which seems to consist only of a dozen stops) took a very long time. Like twenty years or so. But it turned out pretty nice:

Almaty metro station

After this I walked around town for a while and looked at buildings.

Buildings with shops:

house with shop

Buildings with balconies:

house with balcony

Buildings on street corners:

corner house

Buildings with lots of people in them:

house with lamp post

They didn’t know that there was an amoeba looking at them.

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