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There is one thing that I only just realized today:

I somehow can’t seem to leave Almaty!

Every other day I find myself going back to the front desk in the hostel where I’m staying at just to tell them the same thing: two more days please!

Why though? I think it’s because a) I am lazy and b) I like Almaty a lot.

I guess I’ll just have to leave when the time is right, probably in a few days’ time.

But until then, I’ll keep having these cakes that are called “Napoleon”:


And I’ll keep going to Georgian restaurants…

Georgian restaurant

…to devour their awesome Georgian food:

Georgian food

Devour it like a monster.

I’ve been thinking whether I should alter my route so I can walk through Georgia. But then it’s still so far away, and with the present situation in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan I am not even sure if I can get there at all!

But why worry?

This street corner in Almaty seems to have it all figured out:

do epic shit

Do Epic Shit.

Whatever that might be.

  • Peter Geran

    Christoph…. Napolean .. They are called Napolean Slices “:

    The mille-feuille (French pronunciation: โ€‹[mil fล“j], “a thousand leaves”),[notes 1] vanilla slice, custard slice, also known as the Napoleon, is a French pastry whose exact origin is unknown. Its modern form was influenced by improvements of Marie-Antoine Carรชme.

    Traditionally, a mille-feuille is made up of three layers of puff pastry (pรขte feuilletรฉe), alternating with two layers of pastry cream (crรจme pรขtissiรจre), but sometimes whipped cream or jam are substituted. The top pastry layer is dusted with confectioner’s sugar, and sometimes cocoa, pastry crumbs, or pulverized seeds (e.g. roasted almonds). Alternatively the top is glazed with icing or fondant in alternating white (icing) and brown (chocolate) stripes, and combed.

    There you go !


  • cheauwen

    It seems I will like Georgian food too!! Though I haven’t try yet. ๐Ÿ˜›


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