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Stayed in today, and yet I somehow managed to almost get run over.

It happened on my way out to have some Uyghur food (which was awesome, btw):


I was on my way back when, after walking for a few days, always checking left and right for cars, I almost got run over at this intersection:

traffic light

People assured me afterwards that it really wasn’t my fault.

I had waited until the light turned green. At this moment a lady in an old sedan (not the one in the picture) decided it was time to make a left turn right where I was walking. I only noticed her when she was already right next to me. Luckily, I managed to take a step back and suck my belly in, otherwise she would have mowed me down like a blade of spring grass (or her side mirror would have gotten me).

Here’s a thought: I need to be more careful on the road.

And here’s another: thanks, big guy!

The question of whether one is atheist, agnostic or religious can seem quite complicated, but I think its answer probably lies in situations like these. If disaster is about to strike but you somehow manage to avoid it, and if you then suddenly find yourself looking up and whispering “thank you” to whomever, then you probably have some sort of belief.

Which means that you are probably religious.

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