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Zhu Hui was obviously not going to miss out on another chance to see me suffer a little bit, so in the morning he came to my hotel and we started slowly rolling out of town.

Little did he know that he would be sharing my foot pains sooner than expected!

The first bit of the road wasn’t very picturesque:


But then it got better:

tree-lined road

Zhu Hui immediately fell in love with the Caboose and insisted on pulling her almost all the way:

Zhu Hui with the Caboose

At one point we ran into this dude who was selling pantao ่Ÿ ๆกƒ – flat peaches – on the roadside:

This guy gave us flat peaches

His daughter was in Zhu Hui’s school, so we immediately got our own flat peaches for free:

flat peach


The farmers were laying all kinds of stuff out to dry. Mostly corn though:

dried corn

Lots and LOTS of corn:


We didn’t try any of it. Instead, we had lunch in a roadside restaurant where the owner filled our plates with massive amounts of noodles. In fact we ate so much food that when the next customer came in, the owner only shook his head and told him he was out of dough for the time being!

restaurant owner


When we got to Shawan in the evening, the sky was just about ready to look dramatic:

evening light

Zhu Hui sat down on his bed in our hotel room, legs crossed, and showed me how to pour a real Tieguanyin ้“่ง‚้Ÿณ (Tea of the Bodhisattva). Traditional Chinese music was playing on his cellphone.

We had apples, nang and yoghurts, but we didn’t need any of it.

We were still full of noodles.

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