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Yesterday, I had promised Li Na to take a picture of her:

Li Na

Hope I did her some justice:

Li Na in red

Zhu Hui took me to an elementary school in the afternoon:

school yard

We were going to talk to the kids about physical education, but I was invited to watch the girls’ dance practice. I shot video after video everywhere we went, and eventually compiled them into one clip:


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I realize that this video is pretty long, but I just loved the dance routine too much and couldn’t make myself cut any part of it! 🙂

Teacher Ran 冉老师 then opened up the inner sanctuary for us:


His art department:

art workshop

I marveled at the expertise and the devotion of these little children:


One boy had made a comic drawing on the classroom wall that could only be described as epic:

mural room

This “mural” featured scenes and details from movies and computer games he obviously enjoyed. I especially loved the way he had subversively drawn over the switchboard:


…then there were the clay figures – mostly scenes from the countryside:

clay houses

And from computer games:

clay soldier

Who would have thought that CS could be so inspiring?

There was one clay figure I particularly liked:

clay person

To think that it was an elementary school child who had carved this expression into the old person’s face!

Dear Teacher Ran:

Teacher Ran

Thank you for what you are doing!

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