how the calabash got on my backpack

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I did an interview with a local newspaper today. Since the reporters were very friendly and seemed interested in finding out about the project as a whole, I just showed them the photo set I had prepared for presentations:

looking at photos

See the little dude in the front who is laughing at some stupid episode during the walk? His name is Yu Zhihao ้ƒๅฟ—่ฑช, and he is 11 years old. Here’s another picture with him and another little friend:

Yu Zhihao and his friend gave me a painted calabash

I was very surprised and very touched, when he presented me with a beautiful calabash ่‘ซ่Šฆ he had carved and colored by hand. I put it on my backpack and now I am taking it wherever I went:


As a good luck charm.

  • Anto-San

    Hi Christoph,
    looks like your meeting some wonderfully friendly people out there. Makes a trip all the more memorable and pleasurable I find.
    That’s a lovely picture of you with the kids, guess you’ll never forget them carrying that flambouyantly coloured calabash around.


  • Steven

    Everything is so wonderful !


  • Lorenz

    hi christoph,
    ich finds super, dass du deinen weg fortsetzt. wรผnsch dir alles, alles gute und viele schรถne erlebnisse auf dem weg. werde dir mit spannung auf deinem weg folgen.


  • Alex S.

    Hast du รคrger mit der Grenzpolizei? Bist du schon an der Grenze angekommen?
    In deinen ‘updates comments’ stand ‘ACAB!!…’ und danach ‘the nightmare just ended…’ — (acab=all c*** are bastards???)
    Bin schon gespannt was da los war.

    Gute Reise


  • Ingo

    Ich guck auch schon jeden Tag wann es Neuigkeiten gibt, hoffe Du beschreitest schรถne menschenleere Strasse und wirst nicht von blรถden Menschen genervt.

    Gute Reise, viel Gesundheit und keine Probleme!


  • Christoph

    Anto-San: Maybe one day I will go back to that place and they will all be grown-ups?
    Steven: You should visit man!
    Lorenz: Danke.
    Alex S.: Sehr clever!
    Ingo: Hm… wurde ja dann doch ein bisschen stressig spรคter. ๐Ÿ™


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