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Bad health or not, it felt good to be out on the road again.

The earth was beaming with sunlight:

straight road

And I had my moon cake:

moon cake


I was about to take a shortcut at some point, but these friendly Uighur folks came running across the street to warn me that I was going in the wrong direction:

Mehmet and his family showed me the right way

Thank you, Mehmet!

Besides that, it was mostly just quiet walking.

I was passed by what seemed like at least a dozen trucks full of armed police ๆญฆ่ญฆ once:

military truck

They can be described as a branch of the military that is responsible for homeland security:


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We all feel pretty safe now, don’t we?

I stopped to buy a nice seedless watermelon somewhere:

melon vendor

Then I carried it to a little guesthouse in the next settlement.
I got a room, spread my bamboo mat on the bed, put the watermelon on a plastic bag and sat down:

quiet room

Then I fell asleep.

  • Anto-San

    Good to see you back on the road Chris.
    The border is’nt far away now, still got time to get a few more beautiful Chinese dishes down your throat before you reach it.
    Lucky you..


  • mccabe

    sounds pretty perfect
    to me…


  • Yathi

    Hey Chris!!!

    Really happy to see you back on streets!!! (pun intended) I followed ur blog back when on your first attempt and it was disappointing to see you discontinue. Just today your topic came up in a discussion and I was showing your clip to a friend and then woohoo! You were back on again. It just made my day! You give hope to us paper-pushers and desk-surfers. Its refreshing to see something so daring and gutsy. Soak up the cultures and keep the blogs coming. I really wish you luck on the journey ahead.

    Guten Tag!


  • Yathi

    Oh wait!

    If ur on the road. Why is there STOPPED stamp on the website??


  • Christoph

    Anto-San: Oh I will not reach the border on this trip! I only have a few days left!
    Mccabe: Perfect it is!
    Yathi: Haha, not really back on the road, only taking a summer vacation – just like everybody else! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • Yathi

    Well, either ways good to have you back. Enjoy ur vacation!


  • Reanna

    What do you use the bamboo mat for?

    I love this blog!


  • Philippe

    Hallo Christoph,

    Yesterday I started reading the blog since the beginning, 10 years after you started your trip but it felt like it was yesterday! I was never hooked at the Youtube clips, sorry, but I like the articles and photos very much. I guess I am a person of words and photos, not video.

    Let me comment to say how wonderful it is that you always took the time to name the people you met on the way, even when the encounter was brief like this one. Very few bloggers or travellers do that. A sign of respect if you ask me. It must have been soooo exciting to meet all these amazing people and be able to communicate (speaking for China).

    So, now I will continue my reading and try to catch you up until Iran… Reading is faster than walking.


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