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I got up in the early morning hours and started walking.

It felt nice, because the air was fresh and there were not many cars around on the country road:


I passed some parts that looked like a strange planet:


And some structures…


…that seemed like they were from a different time and age:


I shot a short time lapse on my lunch break:

And a video of a flock of sheep that crossed paths with me:

Really A LOT of sheep:


When I got to Hutubi, I wasn’t feeling very well. I sat down on the curb and immediately fell asleep right there on the asphalt:

green road

Anyways it was good to be in a larger settlement once more:


I was greeted by Zhou Yan 周彦 (Zhou Yan, a friend of Uncle Shen. He rallied a bunch of friends and insisted we go out and start drinking – at 4 in the afternoon:

Zhou Yan and the good people of Hutubi invited me to dinner

As the night dragged on, my vision turned into something like this:

…but it was only in the early morning hours, when I found myself in a karaoke joint where someone had just turned on the crazy frog song and kept screaming “dance! dance!” – that I realized something very important:

Someone needed more to drink.

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