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I had no idea that today was going to be my last happy day for a while.

I walked through the little village…

hair dresser

…to the Ancient Graveyard of Astana 阿斯塔纳古墓:


Nothing much to see here, just a few graves from a bunch of centuries back, some with murals, others complete with mummified corpses in them:


I didn’t find it all that exciting…

look up

…so I left soon.

Then it was a couple of hours on a desert road until I got to the official site of Huoyanshan 火焰山:

Monkey King statue

What a weird tourist attraction: there’s the mountain, and it’s just sitting there. Then there’s a museum recounting the mentions of the mountain within the old 西游记 (Journey to the West – history lessons, Muslims and water fountains, revenge of the prime target). And besides all that, there is a huge thermometer that has once measured a blasting 49,7°C out here and has also made some kind of world record just for its sheer size:


There was a travel group from Hong Kong, and I was very happy to take a picture with them, mainly because I liked their cute yellow caps:

tour group from Hong Kong

It felt good, happy. You know.

Then I walked past some more mountain scenery…

mountains in the distance

…always following the desert road…

trucks on the road

…until the sun was about to settle down behind the distant trees…


…and I could see the hazy shape of the city from afar:

Turpan from the distance

That’s when I got another very urgent visit from my old friend Paul (Paul says: constipation is bliss, please stop me when I get into a frenzy), but luckily I made it to a gas station in time:

These guys from the gas station at Turpan let me use their restroom when it was really urgent

These friendly guys offered water and medication, and most importantly, they let me use their loo:


Oh, what a relieving moment!


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