is this the end?

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The Yu family I was staying with was very friendly, and they wouldn’t let me go unless I had breakfast with them:

Mrs. Yu

They told me that the largest stretches of Gobi desert now were behind me, and that I could look forward to walking through more populated areas from now on.

The end of the Gobi? Oh, how I enjoyed hearing that!

I stayed around watching a TV broadcast in honor of the disaster relief workers in Sichuan:

watching Chairman Hu say stuff

…but it just seemed like lots of suits that were very important-looking.

Then I got on my way.

Another two days of walking ahead of me:

63km to Shanshan

First it was 20km of nothingness:

truck in the dust

Then suddenly, the oasis of Shanshan appeared…

mountains in the distance

…and everything was suddenly cool and green.

Well, almost everything:

dead dogs

I wonder what kind of people would just throw away their dogs as if they were garbage?

What a sad thought.

I walked into the evening light…


…past quiet mosques…


…and past bustling gas stations…

gas station

I wasn’t alone on the last 5km – this guy was walking with me:

Wu Jiang walked with me for a day

Wu Jiang ๅดๆฑŸ, 24-year old medical student from Yan’an ๅปถๅฎ‰ in the province of Shaanxi, had come all the way to Western China to fulfill a childhood dream: to see the beautiful crystal waters of the Tianchi ๅคฉๆฑ  40km east of รœrรผmqi with his own eyes.

Upon having done that, he figured it might be fun to walk with me for a day.

Well, given that this could very well be the end of the Gobi desert, we shall see tomorrow if it’s fun.

  • Florian (Flo Li Anh,

    Jetzt haut er aber rein, nachdem er wochenlang rumgehangen hatte, kloppt er hier eine Langstrecke nach der anderen. Naja, die Ödnis – wenn ich es denn mal kurz so nennen darf – leistet sicherlich ihren Beitrag dazu.


  • NONO

    ๆˆ‘ๆฅๆ–ฐ็–†็š„็›ฎ็š„ๅ…ถๅฎžไธป่ฆๆ˜ฏๅ’Œไฝ ่ตฐไธ€ๅคฉๅ•ฆ๏ผ


  • Barry aka Ba Lli

    Ich glaube auch. Da gibt es nur eins: Augen zu und durch.
    So schön das alles auch ist und so faszinierend die Gegend ist, irgendwann nervt es. War in der Slowakei auch so.Toll, ne Leiter. Oh und noch eine. Und irgendwann kannst Du die Dinger nicht mehr sehen. Dann kommst Du abends in deinen Hütte und was siehst Du? Genau, eine Leiter.

    Bald bist Du durch!


  • Christoph

    Florian (Flo Li Anh, ้–‹่Šฑ): Ich laufe rum, mal so mal so.
    NONO: ็Ÿฅ้“ไบ†ๅ“ˆ๏ผ
    Barry aka Ba Lli: Haha, keine Leitern in der Wüste Gobi!


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