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The weather was good today, and even though I still had a weird head on my shoulders, it kind of went by like a breeze:


There were more cotton fields…

cotton farm

…and lots and lots of these buildings they use to dry grapes and make them into raisins or something:

raisin houses

Grapes… suddenly this old guy jumps out of a vine yard and gives me these incredibly tasty grapes:


Thank you, old guy!

I found a nice and clean restaurant in a little settlement, asked them to wash my grapes and serve me a good meal, then I went out and took a picture with the little dudes that had been gathering around my table, asking me questions:

group photo with little friends

The rest of the way went even easier than the first half:

tree lined road

The thing is, I was rapidly approaching the city, and that made me feel good about myself I guess.

There was this dude selling nang breads on the roadside:

cows going home

Oh how I love those things! The outside is crunchy, and the inside is soft, and they often have a bit of sesame sprinkled on top:

nang bread

I just had to buy one and snack on it for the rest of the way!

When I passed by this middle school, a gang of youngsters decided to accompany me on my way into town:

These youngsters were my charming escort into town

So there I was, the smelly bearded guy from the eastern desert, and I slowly waltzed into the big city with my own personal escort.

Snacking on my nang.

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