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I got up feeling terrible.

Light-headed. Dizzy. You know, that certain distinct feeling when you’re about to catch a cold but it’s just not quite there yet?

Well I didn’t want to stay in sick anywhere without a proper Internet connection, so I decided to keep moving no matter what:

toll station

I passed some hideous landscapes that were apparently under some kind of “environmental protection”:

environmental protection area

But then all this was immediately forgotten when I arrived at a cozy little restaurant:

I got a private room and some cold drinks, then I yelled “meat!”:


…and meat I got:


Cold meat, but ever so tasty, delicious, savory, palatable, yummy, delectable, FINGER-LICKING GOOOOOOD!!

Little Yao Xia ๅงš้œž, ten years old, and Jing Kemeng ๆ™ฏๅฏ่’™, six-and-a-half, paid me company and made for some nice lunch conversation:

Liu Xia and Jing Kemeng

They even walked with me for a couple of hundred meters:

Little Jing Kemeng & Yao Xia made for some very pleasant conversation

Adorable kids.

Then I saw my first cotton plantation ever:

picking cotton

Well, now that I’m thinking about it, I might have seen other plantations before, who knows, but this is definitely the first time I’ve seen one that had the fluffy cotton thing going on:

cotton plant

There were factories processing the stuff here too:

cotton storage

I walked until it got pretty late, and then I arrived at a tiny little village where the people were very nice and someone allowed me to spend the night in an empty house:

into Daquanwan

I hadn’t showered in eight days.

And I was only one day away from the city.

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