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So I’m finally on my way again.

The way… it was constantly changing its appearances today.

After the city there was this:

back on the road

…then the trees went away:

straight road

…and then everything else seemed to want to leave the scene as well:

desert road

I was all alone – just me and the way I thought.

But then the camels appeared:


Camels, camels, camels – wild camels!! I rejoiced, knowing that it couldn’t be true; those things roam around only in the furthest corners of the Inner Mongolian desert, not out here right next to the highway.

But still, I rejoiced:

more camels

Then their boss appeared:

camel herder

“Camels can run really fast can’t they” I inquire, “so what do you do if one of them tries to run away?”

“No problem” he answers, and I marvel at his confidence, “I just get on top of one of the others and ride after it!”


One last question: “does that often happen? Do they like to run?”

“Yes, every once in a while they do,” he says, and there is a smile on his face.

Then he’s gone, trying to catch up with one of his camels that has just decided to play on the road:

camel crossing the road

I haven’t told you yet: I accidentally managed to find a little shop in Dunhuang that carried a small amount of my beloved beans in red sauce – in cans! So I bought them all and loaded them into the Caboose. That (and the additional water supply) is why my backpack had to move out:


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…and I used to carry everything on my own shoulders… it’s really been a long way. There are markers on the road indicating the distance to my next target location:

mile stone

A total of 130km to Liuyuan 柳园. Should be possible in 4 days.I share the road mainly with truck drivers. A lot of them like to just honk at me. I hate that.

But then there are also some good people like Mr. Wang 王先生, who quietly stopped his truck on the curb today and took a break to inspect his tires, just as I was walking by. We eyed at each other for a little while, like two strangers standing in a giant elevator, then he suddenly smiled and waved me over – to give me a melon:

Mr. Wang gave me a melon

What a nice present, and a token of friendliness that felt especially good out here in the loneliness of the desert.

By the way, there was someone else keeping me company all the while:

Great Wall ruin

My good friend, the Great Wall.

I don’t mean this just as a metaphor for something that I like and hold dear.

The Wall’s calm and mighty presence really feels comforting to me:

…maybe because I have been walking beside that old giant dragon for such a long time now.

  • Anonymous

    Moin Chrischie,
    schön, Dich nun wieder mal nicht ausgestiegen zu sehen, Dich durch die Gegend laufen zu sehen, Dich bei dem zu sehen, was Du wolltest. Das Bild mit der Allee und die Story vom Camel-man find ich klasse. Farewell to liuyuan und weiter so nette Begenungen. Bei uns war heute ein wunderschöner Tag mit rund 25° und herrlich heißer Sonne (endlich mal wieder…). bis morgen- Wir sind mit Dir!


  • Barry aka Ba Lli

    Ein guter Neuanfang und schon gleich wieder Melone. DAnn kommt wohl als nächstes Thema mal wieder das loo 🙂


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