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“Hey!” the receptionist had smiled at me when I arrived at the hotel, “looks like you’ve gained some weight there, haven’t you?”


Actually, I am thinking about food almost all the time:

cans and bags

Chinese people don’t seem to enjoy canned stuff as much as Germans do; I can’t seem to find anything decent in these small supermarkets out here in the west, so I brought 4 large cans of “canned foods of whole kernel corn” from Beijing and 10 small cans of “soya beans in tomato sauce” from Sanya. I would have liked to take some more, but I was afraid I wouldn’t get them on the flight.

Besides all the canned stuff, I’m also taking some sweet congee ๅ…ซๅฎ็ฒฅ and some cookies along. Some crackers, some beef jerky. Lots and lots of water. Oh, and I’ll get a bunch of little white bread things from a restaurant tomorrow.

Guess I’ll mostly feed off my body fat during the next two weeks.

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