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I had to get up at six and run outside if I wanted to see the Olympic Torch Relay pass through.

My friend Teacher Xie (Teacher Xie) was there too:

Teacher Xie with flag

…and so was a multitude of volunteers in green T-shirts:

green people

We roamed about the place for a little bit, but there was no way anyone could even get close to the action:

human barricade

Nonetheless, many people had dressed up for the occasion:


Especially the little ones:

little dudes

…but not only them:


So there we were, hundreds if not thousands of people surrounding this public square.


Then, at about 9:30am, there was some noise, and something happened:

Coca Cola truck

A truck with some dancing girls had appeared:

dancing girls

It passed by, and then there were some more trucks.

Everyone was trying to get a glimpse at the action:


…and then it was over:

red flag


Olympic flag

No torch??

I think many of the little ones were thinking the same as me:


I could see it in their faces:

being little

Why had nobody told us?


We had been waiting for so long:



sad dude

But I was lucky though.

I got in touch with my friend Ding Haixiao from Lanzhou (new shoes new shoes new shoes new shoes new shoes new shoes new shoes new shoes new shoes new shoes new shoes).

He said he had a friend who was participating in the Torch Relay.

…I couldn’t believe it.

“Can you PLEASE call him up and tell him I’d like to take a picture with him?” I asked.

Sure thing:

group photo

This is Pan Hu ๆฝ˜่™Ž, the ninth runner in today’s Olympic Torch Relay, a very charming and kind man:

with Pan Hu

“Chris,” he asked me, “would you like to hold the torch for a picture?”

Would I?

with the Olympic Torch


  • Barry aka Ba Lli

    Loveparade auf chinesisch?
    Und die Schultüte, die Nr 9 hat, is ja nun auch ein bissel dünn gerollt. Außerdem, seit wann trägt Kahki-Män denn schwarz?


  • Marvin

    "Christoph Holder of Olympic Torches", It does have a ring to it. By the way you are looking Forrest Gumpish. Maybe like Forrest, you will meet Elvis along the way and teach him a new danch?
    By the way we just returned from my family re-union at Chickasaw State Park and I could not help but think of you singing "Burn Mother )&#% Burn" from the top of your voice in the shower to entertain my very conservative Southern Baptist Relatives.


  • Steven

    You are such a lucky guy, Man !!


  • Hermann

    ich finde, wer die fackel hält, soll auch rennen, also, christoph, mach schon, den weg kennst du ja…


  • Momo

    Saugeil. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • claudia

    aber warum haben die jetzt genau die fackel nicht durch den ort getragen? und warum hatte sie dieser typ? und was macht der damit?
    fragen über fragen! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • Guojie

    lucky for you to catch up the torch relay.


  • Patrick

    the torch really suits you…..maybe you should have run off with it. see how far you would have come ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • claudia

    patrick it would be interesting to know WHEN someone would have realised that it is the wrong direction (west) ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Marc

    haha…. nice… thousands try to get that torch to protest against the tibet politics and you just happen to get it in your hands by accident ๐Ÿ˜€


  • Christoph

    Barry aka Ba Lli: Ich hatte mich schick gemacht für die Veranstaltung.
    Marvin: Haha, I bury my head in shame, and I promise you I'll only sing nice songs next time, okay? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Steven: I think so too!
    Hermann: Rennen?
    Momo: Ich fand's auch gut.
    claudia: Mein Fehler, hätte ich im Text besser erklären können, mache ich jetzt hier: 1) The Torch Relay passed through the city, but it somehow stopped before it got to where we were standing. 2) Pan Hu had the torch because he was a official runner (#009) in the event. 3) There isn't only one torch. It's the fire that gets passed on, not the torch.
    Guojie: I was very happy about that too.
    Patrick: I am not a runner. I walk. Slowly and at leisure.
    Marc: I felt very happy and honored that my friend Pan Hu let me hold the Olympic Torch!


  • Zandra

    Hahaha, that’s awesome ! But I feel disappointed for the little kids.
    I’m reading your blog 6 years after, it’s just as fun as a good adventure book ! I apprehend the time you will (or should I say, “you had”) cut your hair.
    I hope the books will be translated to English someday, I’m not brave enough to read it in Chinese !


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