same old story: rain to drizzle

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I put on my jacket today.

Unfortunately I had to, first of all because it was cold, and second because it was raining:

wet road

Rain can be a pain. But it can also be quite cozy to shake off the water and sit down in a small restaurant with a stove heating up the room:


When I went back outside, the rain had turned into a mere drizzle, and I easily walked off a couple of hours.

Once I came past a small shrine:


There weren’t that many people around outside, so I was happy to bump into this old dude hugging his zucchini:

Encounter with nine zucchinis on a country road.

What a spectacular beard, I thought. And then I wondered: was that really zucchini?

But he was already gone.

The later the day, the nicer the weather:

birch trees

Ok, on this picture you can’t really see the blue sky with all the trees.

So here:


I got to Dachaigou around six in the evening, and one thing struck me immediately:

village road

This place didn’t look poor; it had a hotel, several restaurants and even a fairly large bookstore.

But it just seemed so…

factory ruins


The hotel owner later explained this to me: Dachaigou used to have an own train station before, but a while back the authorities figured that the settlement was really to small, so the station was discarded and a lot of work places and people left.

Same old story.

Oh, and another thing that I found special around here:

long live Mao Zedong thought

“Long live Mao Zedong thought! ๆฏ›ๆณฝไธœๆ€ๆƒณไธ‡ๅฒ!” (10.000 years to be exact).

Up until today, I haven’t seen this anywhere on a wall before.

  • Maggie

    I also haven't seen such slogan for long time. haha…


  • claudia

    …especially because he has been dead for such a long time…



  • Hermann

    10.000. Wir hatten mal einen Österreicher, der wollte's 1000 Jahre, und die 13, die er geschafft hat, waren schon Tote genug. Bei Mao warn's ja auch 'ne Menge.


  • Achille

    yup, you r right man. what the beard old guy hugging is Zucchini/Courgette.

    i love the vegetable and my mom used to cook that for me.


  • Barry

    Wenn da keiner mehr ist, wer sollte denn den Slogen entfernen?
    Und morgen die 2500?
    Good luck and better weather.


  • Florian

    Was ist das denn auf dem ersten Bild, eine Staumauer?
    Schönes Portrait!


  • Gisela

    Einfach nur gut, der Zuccini-Mann. Und die Brille erst…
    Silkroad ist auch eine schöne Seite. Leider hat der Tag nur 24 Stunden und arbeiten muss man ja auch noch ein bisschen. Ich könnte immer weiter Bilder anschauen….


  • andy

    Moin Alter, hatte sehr viele arbeitsreiche Tage in der letzten Zeit, aber nun bin ich wieder da ;o). Bin gerade den Weg Deiner letzten Woche nachgereist (hey, ich bin also doch schneller als Du hehe ;o) -war ja gigantomanisch, was Du erlebt hast und vor allem Deine Videos & Bilder…
    Die Location (Bild 2!) ist genial und voll nach meinem Wandergeschmack! (krieg schon wieder Hunger-> ich könnt den ganzen Tag…- weil ich es so mag… – und latenten Hunger hab!!! ;o) -> einfach eine geile Kneipe wo's wahrscheinlich urig schmeckt…!
    …und der kleine Shrine auf dem Plateau (Bild 3) ist so stark einfach, dass ich bei dem Bild schmerzvolles Fernweh krieg!
    bis bald!


  • Christoph

    Maggie: Weird, isn't it?
    claudia: Death sometimes makes people even more legendary though.
    Hermann: …
    Achille: Oh, so good in so many variations!!
    Barry: Ma gucken, aber warum nicht.
    Florian: Gewächshäuser. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Gisela: Lädt ein bisschen zu langsam die Seite, oder?
    andy: Ja, Happa war in der Tat ziemlich lecker da!


  • ataraxia

    why did you wonder "was that really zucchini?"

    maybe you are just too hungry?


  • Christoph

    Good question – well, zucchini is called ่ฅฟ่‘ซ่Šฆ here, right? "Western" Hulu. So I figured if it's Western then it's probably not very common in the countryside cuisine. – I had obviously totally forgotten about ่ฅฟ็บขๆŸฟ (tomato) and ่ฅฟ็“œ (water melon). Silly me!


  • Joshua

    Bitter melon is what heโ€™s holding I think

    A cousin of the zucchini n cucumber

    But sour n thus healthy for oneโ€™s blood.


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