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There have been times on this trip when my behind was flaming with cold (the happy and the burning red, Christoph in hell) – but now as I’m sitting here, I have heat under my butt and a running nose.

What happened?

Well, before it came to this, I had to get out of Longde:


I knew I wouldn’t have to walk that far today, so I took it easy on the highway, taking pictures of big things:

construction site

…and little things:


Sometime after this tree though, I started reacting allergic:


Pollen, spores, baby trees. Whatever those stupid plants toss at me – I’ll sneeze.

– (unhappy face) –

And it’s weird because it’s so common where I’m from, while a large part of the Chinese population has never even heard of allergies.

Stupid trees, looking pretty and torturing me at the same time:


I sat down for a rest under the trees whatsoever.

Then the donkey appeared:

walking trees

He was apparently on the run from his master:


I liked him and completely supported his struggle.

But, like many arguably good causes…

running donkey

…it was lost from the start.

When me and my running nose got back on the highway, we witnessed a nuclear transport that we didn’t photograph.

Then the road and the sky were free again:

caught donkey

Speaking of nuclear power; take a look at this thing:

solar cooker

Can you guess what it’s for? (The only place I’ve ever seen this before was in Tibet.)

When I arrived in my destination, I was very happy to get a tiny room with a kang ็‚• (love locks).

And this time, they were going to heat it up for me:

country house door

But first, I had to grab something to eat outside, and that’s how I ran into someone I didn’t like at all.

Yeah, it happens: drunk, in his forties, badteethgreasyhaircheapsuit-combo, a total wanker. I had mistakably taken him for the restaurant owner, mainly because he talked so loud, and thus sheepishly followed him into a back room filled with smoke and drunken friends of his.

There I was forced to sit down and engage in mindless conversations evolving around nationalities and Hitler.

I tried my best to remain polite and correct, while at the same time hating them and liking the noodles.

Once I had eaten up, I got dragged around the main street to a photo studio, where I found myself in front of a flowery background wallpaper posing with my “friend” for a picture. I chose to play along and then forget it.

There’s a saying in Chinese: “A large forest holds all kinds of different birds. ๆž—ๅญๅคงไบ†ไป€ไนˆ้ธŸ้ƒฝๆœ‰ใ€‚”

So yes, there are wankers in the East, too.

And sayings to describe them.

Now I’m on my kang, my nose is running from the allergies:

country side room

…and my butt is being warmed from below.

PS: tomorrow is dance time.

  • Martin

    Das Ding sieht aus wie ein Solarofen. Man hängt einen Topf in den Brennpunkt, der dann vom gebündelten Sonnenlicht erhitzt wird.

    Was ganz anderes: Wäre es Dir eigentlich lieber, wenn hier in English kommentiert wird?


  • Corinna

    I guess I can say: "Happy 2000" by now ๐Ÿ˜‰



  • Martin T.

    Martin: bitte nicht Englisch – kann ich zu schlecht!


  • Maggie

    Sometimes some people can be quite annoying…


  • Achille

    Especially when they are drunk…

    Chris, Sorry for what have done by those folks.

    I admit that I am sometimes disgusting when drunk…


  • Christoph

    Martin: Ofen, stimmt. ๐Ÿ™‚ – Das mit der Sprache ist eine sehr gute und freundliche Frage. Also es kommt eigentlich drauf an, mit welcher Sprache du dich wohl fühlst und von wem du verstanden werden willst. Für mich ist Deutsch natürlich okay, aber unsere chinesischen und amerikanischen Freunde werden dann nicht so viel von den Kommentaren verstehen.
    Hermann: Mindless indeed.
    Corinna: Hehe, du bist damit offiziell die erste! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Martin T.: Tut mir ja leid dann wegen der Tagesberichte…
    Maggie: Right. But there are so many nice and friendly people out there too! ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Christoph

    Achille: Don't worry, dude. I'm sure you are a good friendly drunk! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • Elizabeth

    Hi, Christophe!
    I hope you have been able to get some much-needed and are feeling better. Allergies are no fun. I've been exploring your site a bit. It's great! Your pictures are awesome and as is the accompanying commentary. It's hard to believe you are actually doing this- what an undertaking! You are a brave soul.


  • Steven

    I sneaked a look of your 2000 dance in YouTube.
    NICE, Man !
    Happy 2000Km+++ !
    Salute !


  • Christoph

    Elizabeth: Hey, I'm happy to hear you like the site! I'm really trying my best and it feels nice to know that there are so many kind people out there who enjoy following up on this!
    Steven: Haha, so you sneaked ahead, huh? Well, my bad for being such a slack arse when it comes to putting up new posts! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • Josie Ella

    I wonder if the silver disk was for solar cooking.


  • Wei

    So what does the silver disk do? ็œ‹็”ต่ง†็”จ็š„ๅคง้”…็›–๏ผŸ


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