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I don’t exactly understand how, but my computer died on me because of the Internet connection in my hotel last night.

So I reinstalled the operating system and then took a walk over to another hotel.

On the way, I noticed a lot of people standing around a pair of shoes:


Well, they weren’t exactly looking at the shoes though. Some folks were fighting:


Here’s what happened:


This hospital had apparently cured a patient to death. Knowing no other way to help themselves, the family of the victim showed up at the hospital entrance making a big scene. Some were even wearing the traditional mourning dress (the crane).

After a while the police came and took some of the instigators away:

police car

Seeing this, I decided I wasn’t going to hang around any longer either.

I found a nice hotel with red balloons dangling outside:


I could see them from the window of my room:

hotel view

I still had the old foot rash, which was a bad thing, but I also had a fresh pineapple:


Which was a good thing.

  • jule

    hm, bei den fotos ist mir aufgefallen, dass es doch sehr praktisch ist dass du größer bist als alle chinesen. du kannst die fotos einfach über die köpfe der anderen hinweg machen… ๐Ÿ™‚
    deinem fuß weiter gute besserung und lass dir die ananas schmecken!


  • Becci

    hmm, die ananas sieht ja wohl tausendmal leckerer aus als eselpi… ๐Ÿ™‚
    hoffe dir gehts gut! ๐Ÿ™‚ :-*


  • andy

    …aber sie sieht auch tausendmal leckerer aus als Dein Fuß, haha *g*
    Dein Kopf wieder frei?
    liebe Grüße von


  • Steven

    Glad to hear from you again!


  • Maggie

    Your blog sometimes reflects some characters of real common Chinese. Of course it is from a westerner’s view. I am working in south currently, where very few people fight. I have heard people from north kind of liking fighting sometimes. So this article is just an evidence. haha…


  • Tante Erika

    hey,chris, endlich habe ich Dich wieder verfolgt, war so viel unterwegs, auch gehend in berlin ,und habe auch ein dickes Knie! Aua! Hoffe Du bist wieder in gutem spirit, und der Fuß macht keine spirenzchen!good look auch fürs equipement ! Tante Erika


  • cae

    hi chris, the china hotel networks can be quite deadly. sometimes, the antivirus (like symantec/mcafee) can't handle those china virus either. My colleagues in china uses " ้‡‘ๅฑฑๆฏ’้œธ2007" and it seems fine when dealing with china's deadly viruses/spyware etc. I use these free tools on top of my antivirus to further protect my laptop: spywareblaster, spybot search & destroy, adaware…they do a great job for me so far. maybe you can consider them as well. good luck =)


  • Christoph

    jule: Hehe, die Ananas war NOCH besser als der Esel!
    Becci: Vermisse dich, was macht Praktikum?
    andy: Ja, habe aufgehört mich zu Sorgen und bin lieber nach Peking gefahren, um das blöde Passproblem zu lösen.
    Steven: Glad to hear from you too, man!
    Maggie: Oh I wouldn't know about that, I've seen some pretty bad fights in ๅนฟๅทž and ๆน›ๆฑŸ before, but then I've also seen fights in Europe and the States, so I guess there's the occasional need for beef everywhere.
    Tante Erika: Ich hoffe, mit deinem Knie geht's schnell wieder besser und du machst viele schöne Photos!
    cae: Thanks chief, I'll try to be smarter next time!


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