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It has taken me quite a while to come up with this post.

No need to worry though – computer problems.

Well, like I announced in a post before, I got my boots strapped back on today in spite of the foot rash and started slowly moving out of the city:

street in Xi'an

I accidentally came across a sculpture dedicated to the ancient Silk Road:

caravan statue

You know, the route I’ll be taking from here on will just be on one of the old Silk Roads, so I got pretty excited when I checked out the map:

silk road map

Well… times, appearances and Silk Roads change:

encounter on the road

I wasn’t walking all that delightfully with my foot, by the way.

Then, a sign:


“Wait, wait… more splendid! ็ญ‰, ็ญ‰…ๆ›ด็ฒพๅฝฉ!” WTF?

Was this trying to tell me to hold on? But what about the glorious Silk Road sculpture earlier? The camels and the merchants, would they have stopped because of an athlete’s foot?

I’m not even an athlete!

Well, there wasn’t only strife on the road today, though – there was also cuteness:

red P

The P.

And another colorful dot in a world of concrete and rushing cars:

This student walked with me for half an hour on the way to her school

16-year-old Chen Yixin ้™ˆไพๆฌฃ was just on her way back to school, so we walked together and chatted for a little while.

I think she thought I looked funny.

A giant.

After about 20 km down, I crossed the first river (a minor one, I forget the name):


Then, just a bit down the road, I met with the large Wei-river ๆธญๆฒณ again:

Wei River

I had seen it before when I crossed the Yellow River (the Yellow River hop), only this time it had a bit more grandeur:


So here I was, from one large city to the next one:

red bonnet

People and people everywhere:

street crossing

…and all I wanted was a place to stay and treat my feet.

Then, another sign:

come twice

“Life doesn’t come twice, so don’t run inversely.”

The next days might prove, though, that sometimes you have to do just that: run inversely.

  • jean-luc


    bald siehst Du wieder aus wie Magnum


  • Maggie

    Like your blog as always. Good job.

    Hope your feet feel better soon. I blame this to the shoes. Maybe you need to get a new pair of shoes? Praying for you…


  • Christoph

    jean-luc: Nein, nein, ich will Bud Spencer sein!
    Maggie: I think the problem is with the slippers in all the small hotels I've slept in. Shouldn't have worn them. Stupid me.


  • Maggie

    Hi Chris, get one pair of "paper" slippers, which can be dry very quickly and easily. Also they are very light, easy to carry. They are provided in many hotels here. Don't wear those cheap slippers in small hotels, so that you can go ahead with your journey and enjoy your walking days. ๐Ÿ™‚


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