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Wanna see my foot?

I’m afraid there’s actually not that much to see, it’s just itchy as hell:

bad foot

So anyways I stayed in my hotel room on the 24th floor almost all day:

hotel window

I had a good serving of kungpao chicken 宫保鸡丁 and ate around the red things:


Wimp that I am.

Later that night, my friends took me out to a special restaurant.

A special restaurant with a special dish:

You should know what I’m talking about if you are either Chinese or you understand German.

Everyone else… take a wild guess!

By the way, a common name for the thing is money dish 金钱菜, because it looks like the coins used in ancient China:

old money

The ones with the hole in the middle.

  • Becci

    hmmm eselpimmel…. köstlich!


  • unsere Ulli

    habe deinen artikel gelesen, bin stolz und pass auf dich auf.


  • MD

    HEI .VIEL SPASS! Alles Gute!


  • Marvin

    OK, I'm going to have to plead the dumb American. What were you eating? It looks like something Wanda would cook! "Of course, individually one at a time."


  • andy gerber

    …gut Bess'rung dem Meister!
    Lieber Christoph- Schon'Deine Kräfte!-der Weg ist das Ziel!
    Was sind schon zwei Wochen… Wer weiß, was noch alles passiert! Immer erst wieder 100% fit- DANN weiter Power!
    Es wär'schade, wenn Du wegen so einer Lapalie, die sich, unausgeheilt verschlimmert, Deinen Trek irgendwann abbrechen müßtest.
    Zhu zaori huifu jiankang! wünscht Dir
    (Du schaffst es!)


  • John

    is it the sliced reproductive organ of a donkey? a very unlucky donkey? is this supposed to increase one's sexual stamina? or does it make it easier for you to carry your heavy load?


  • Steven

    达克宁 – 西安杨森制药
    很止痒, 买來試 用一下!


  • Maggie

    Hi. Just finished reading your blog in one and a half days. Wonderful blog and fantastic experience. If you make Guangdong, HK or Macau, my friend and I would like to meet you.  Maybe it is too far south. Keep up the good job!


  • Christoph

    Becci: Deliziös!
    unsere Ulli: Hehe, ich dachte ich krieg Mecker für die kulinarische Extravaganz?
    MD: thanks.
    Marvin: Oh, believe me, she would definitely not cook this one! 🙂
    andy gerber: dank dir.
    John: Exactly and precisely. It's in fact supposed to have a positive effect on one's sexual whatever. How did you know?
    Steven: 好的!
    Maggie: Glad you like it. I've been to Canton before, and I liked it very much (especially 湛江!) – but this time I won't make it there…


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