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I got an itchy rash on my foot, so I went to see the doctor today.

My first time in a Chinese hospital as a patient:

hospital reception

I had to stand in line and register:

hospital register

Then I sat around in the corridor for a little while:

hospital corridor

Interestingly enough, I had to go to a department called “dermatology and venereal disease 皮肤病性病科”:

dermatology and venereal disease


This is the office of the friendly doctor who kindly prescribed some stuff to apply two times a day:

hospital office

I was told not to wear my heavy boots for at least two weeks.


Anyways I’ll show you a picture of my foot tomorrow.

  • Chinese_in_BRD

    Hi Junge! Du bist großartig! Pass auf Dich auf! Ich mache mir Sorgen um Dich! Never know what would happen, so do take care!!!


  • Regine Bonfert

    Hallo Christoph Rehage,
    in der Stuttgarter Zeitung kam vor einer Woche ein Bericht über Ihren langen Marsch. Bin das 1. Mal in Ihrem Blog. Achten Sie auf Ihre Füße, ohne die geht sowas nicht. "Life is what happens while you are making other plans", dieses John Lennon Wort hilft einem, die Dinge gelassener zu sehen.
    Buon Camino, wie die Jakobsjünger sagen,


  • froggyfrog

    so you have to stay in xian for two weeks???


  • Rick

    Hi Christoph,

    I am a Chinese living in Germany. Just find your odyssey following the DW link and can not believe my eyes, what a genius idea and brave act! Your pictures and observations, many remind me some good old time in the great west of my country, and many refresh me with pale or even painful reality. This is real and should be seen and meditated by more.

    Keep bringing us new, the landscapes, the people, and you. And above all be safe and well!

    Rick from Nuremberg


  • Christoph

    Chinese_in_BRD: Thanks, you have fun in good old Germany!
    Regine Bonfert: Ich werde an Herrn Lennons Worte denken.
    froggyfrog: I hope not, dude!
    Rick: Glad you like it. And again: have fun in Germany!


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